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The Co|Evaluation Lab provides comprehensive evaluation, applied research, and reporting services and support. We are committed to processes rooted in holistic, responsive, and collaborative methods.


CoEL was founded on the principle of centering clients, individuals, and communities at the heart of evaluation and learning. Our focus on building relationships and shared meaning-making aids the design of responsive tools and processes, producing more credible data, findings, and impactful reports.


While we value the present, our gaze is always set beyond the current project horizon to ensure processes and tools are sustainable and practical.


We strive for project outcomes to not only guide enhanced program and policy decisions, but also empower organizations to effectively communicate their journeys and successes.


We are small but mighty: this means we are efficient. We maintain close ties with clients, valuing their time and ensuring that we maximize our collaborative efforts to meet crucial deadlines, deliverables, and knowledge sharing.

Who we are

Christina Hackett

Positionality: I’m a settler and grew up in Southern Canada and the USA in big cities. I had the privilege of living in a small northern community for a few years – that experience influenced my decision to learn about policy and systems change, particularly related to health and wellbeing. I am proudly neurodivergent.
Passion Areas: Learning about and supporting programs and policies that facilitate equitable access to pathways to thriving across the life course. Dismantling systems of oppression. Using what is known to inform responsive policy and resource allocation, for the betterment of peoples’ wellbeing.
Areas of Skills and Expertise: Bringing stakeholder and rightsholder groups together with a view to effecting community and systems-level change, mental health across the life course, health economics and econometrics, systems and policy analysis, strategic planning, matching programs with funding/networking opportunities. Frontline experience in clinical counselling, specializing in complex trauma. 
Snapshot of Experience, Training, Education: Bachelor’s degree in History of Art; Masters in Counselling Psychology; Masters in Health Policy, Planning and Financing; PhD in Health Policy (specialization in health economics).
Fun: I have two dogs – Otis and Potato. When there is snow, I love to ski and ski tour. In summer I can be found in the water.

Tiffany Scurr

Positionality: I’m a settler who grew up and currently lives in Southwestern Ontario. My experience as a queer and neurodivergent person has profoundly shaped who I am and how I work as a researcher. Exploring and embracing how I navigate and experience the world around me has influenced how I approach the work I do, as well as driving the areas of work I’m most passionate about. 

Passion Areas: Advocating for equity and access, particularly in housing and healthcare. Supporting patient and community involvement in the design and delivery of health and social systems. Identifying and enhancing capacity to develop sustainable solutions that help people and organizations optimize the information and resources they have tell their stories.

Areas of Skills and Expertise: Knowledge translation and mobilization, engaging facilitating interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder teams and facilitating workshops for partnered research and collaborative co-design. Co-designing and piloting accessible, sustainable tools and reporting systems, particularly digital solutions for automated data collection and reporting systems.

Snapshot of Experience, Training, Education: Bachelor of Arts and Science; Master of Health Information Science; 3 years’ experience designing and delivering health & wellness education materials and workshops; six years’ experience in qualitative research.


Fun: I have a cat – Linus – who loves to join meetings if it suits his schedule. I’m crafty and love sunshine! I’m always on the lookout for my next DIY project.

Laurie Russell

Positionality: Born and raised in Happy Valley Goose Bay, NL, I identify as Indigenous, with ties to the Nunatsiavut region. I spend my free time with my husband, family and three dogs. I enjoy crafting, travelling, swimming, snowmobiling, boating, camping and fishing.  

I was the first born of three children in my family and spent a significant amount of time hunting, trapping and fishing with my father as a child. Both my father, who is non-Indigenous and mother, who is Inuk ensured that I was connected to my culture and learned to harvest and prepare wild foods and navigate the land and waterways at a young age – all things I enjoyed.

I’m passionate about mental wellness initiatives, where I have focused a significant portion of my time post education. I’m dedicated to the preservation of Indigenous culture; and contributing to a socially just society.

Passion Areas: Mental Wellness, Indigenous Issues-decolonizing and indigenizing programs and services, employee wellness, organizational capacity building, educational and training.

Areas of Skills and Expertise: Experience in policy and program development, counselling, case management, meeting facilitation, report and funding proposal writing, organizational budgeting and senior leadership.

Snapshot of Experience: Training Education Bachelor and Master of Social Work, with 11 years of experience, primarily in the mental wellness field in both frontline and senior leadership capacities. Equal number of years experience in the social services field pre-degree, primarily working with Indigenous children, youth and their families.

Pets: Rosie, and eight year old husky cross rescue that my husband and I adopted from the local SPCA in 2016. Presley, a two year old male Havanese, Molly, a six month old female Havanese

Superpowers: Co-assessing Needs (individual, program level and organizational level). Most effective when taking things on from the bare bones (ground up). Summarizing, paraphrasing and note taking to meet many literacy levels and understanding. Adapting to diverse needs.

We take our work seriously but not ourselves.
And we love our pets!

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We work remotely in:

Calgary, AB
London, ON
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

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