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How we work

We listen and encourage partners to listen: we work closely with rightsholders, community leaders, and partners to understand key needs and interests driving each project, and if and how our expertise supports these needs. While we have some longstanding relationships, we do not assume we understand key cultural and contextual factors, regardless of our familiarity with regions, communities, and leaders. 

We must be Invited into communities, projects, and organizational conversations. We do not develop projects, approaches, and/or tools without being invited to do so. This means we do not impose or suggest frameworks, ways of thinking, or solutions, without being asked.

We take data sovereignty seriously: and will never require, ask for, or make it a condition of our work together to use the data you collect. This means we support you to build systems and tools to collect data, so you can use this information to tell your stories, on your own terms. Data is power.

We Include relevant voices throughout the process – where our team does not have relevant viewpoints, experiences, and expertise directly or in partnership, we use tools available to us – including, budget lines, planning tools – to include, hire, and center relevant voices.

We ground-truth our findings with participants, rightsholders, stakeholders, and relevant communities and organizations to ensure our interpretation is rooted in intended meanings, ways of knowing, and contextual elements.

We report back actively to our clients, partners, and communities in ways that reach each audience. This means, we take the time to understand what languages, formats, medium, channels and timing works within each context. This is reflected in action, from the very practical (e.g. translation, summarizing), to the more strategic and nuanced (e.g. working closely with partners to ensure negative narratives are not perpetuated, and findings are credible and grounded in accurate interpretation).

We continuously reflect on, and evaluate our respective positionalities in our work, our practices, our motivations, to ensure we are adapting and responding to each context, and are aware of and actively addressing our biases and (un)learning needs.

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We work remotely in:

Calgary, AB
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Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

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