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What we do

Collaborative Research and Evaluation

We support organizations to do meaningful evaluation in context.

We support you to choose and implement the type of evaluation that best fits your needs and stage of programming by supporting:

  • Identification of the story(ies) you want to tell and how to get there

  • Building easy-to-use tools that capture the stories you want to tell

  • Analyzing, packaging and sharing information for different audiences

We offer a range of supports for community-driven research:

  • Planning

  • Reviewing

  • Doing, including data collection, analysis, and reporting


We identify and program online tools to gather, analyze and share information, in a way that integrates with current systems and procedures, including:


  • Surveys and reporting forms

  • Dashboards

  • Feedback boards/polls

We support training staff to use, maintain, and modify digital tools and reporting systems.

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We work remotely in:

Calgary, AB
London, ON
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

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Strategic Planning and Grant Writing

We support organizations to identify current and future needs and potential opportunities for desired change:

We support you to develop, refine, and/or evaluate strategic plans, through:

  • Organizational evaluation and monitoring

  • Performance metric development

  • Confidential data collection and interviews with staff and stakeholders as a third-partyFeedback boards/polls

  • Synthesizing and presenting findings in a clear actionable manner

We provide support at multiple stages of project development, including:

  • Grant writing

  • Partnering

  • Fund identification

Facilitation and Training

We provide facilitation and training tailored to your needs, including:

  • Workshops supporting workplace wellness (offered by staff trained in social work/mental health) – we are sensitive and responsive to the unique needs of organizations and teams and co-design with organizations accordingly

  • Facilitation of meetings, gatherings, events

  • Applied research and evaluation mini-courses

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